Five Touchpoint Experience

Online Experience

We have created a web presence to mimic a physical store experience but in a digital medium. This is where you would get your first impression of our concept and a chance to explore our current and get a glimpse of our future range. 

Mobile Demo Experience

Once you browsed our website, if you wish to experience our mobile showroom, book yourself in for a session! We come to you at your convenience to showcase our range. This gives us a chance to understand your needs and requirements so we can make a recommendation. There is absolutely no obligation to buy from us! 

Purchase Experience

Welcome to the Tribe! Now that you are part of something exciting, to commemorate this, you will receive a Welcome Pack. A way for us to say thank you for showing support and committing to our mission!

Delivery Experience

Once you purchase your eBike, our Experience Specialist will make sure a technician gives your bike a final check, before delivering it. Our delivery will involve an instruction how to use the bike best, and adjusting the seat and handlebars to your liking.

Service and Maintenance Experience

We believe in standing behind what we offer to our customers. To really back this claim, we include one complimentary mobile service between 2 and 6 month for the first year of your purchase. This mobile service includes a standard tune up and basic maintenance, replacement of faulty parts and excludes wear and tear.