Mobile Demo Policy

The Demo Rider confirms that the personal information supplied is correct. Photo ID information must be provided before the demonstration bike (demo bike) is released. ID's must be nationally recognised and current, i.e. passports or drivers licenses, firearms licence or 18+ Card. Expired ID will not be accepted. Details of your ID will be retained by us as security during the period that the demo bike is in your care.

The Demo Rider accepts full responsibility for the care and security of the demo bike for the full duration of the demo period, and will return the demo bike in the condition it was received within 15 minutes. 

If the Demo Rider fails to return the bike, or if the demo bike is damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen, the Rider will be charged the full retail value of the demo bike. Tribu Mobility reserves all its rights in relation to recovering the costs of the demo bike for any reason stated in this clause.

The Demo Rider indemnifies Tribu Mobility and its parent company Tribu Limited for any responsibility and liability in the unfortunate case of injury or damage while using the demo bike.

 We track our demo eBikes and eScooters to avoid theft and vandalism. 

If the demo bike is lost or stolen the Demo Rider must cooperate with our Experience Specialist to report this to the Police within 4 hours of occurrence.

The Demo Rider agrees to wear a suitable bike helmet (Provided by the Experience Specialist) and footwear while using the demo bike. Tribu Mobility reserves the right to refuse demo bike use to anyone with inappropriate equipment or clothing.

By signing these terms and conditions, the Demo Rider and/or their Parent/Legal Guardian agrees that the Demo Rider is physically and mentally capable of riding the demo bike, they have read and understood the Mobile Demo Policy and agree to be bound by them.